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How Effective is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a Real Fight?

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How Effective is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a Real Fight?

When we think of a fight, we often associate this with stuff we see in movies and television, with a lot of punching, kicking, smashing, and getting thrown all over the place. However, real life fights are often less cinematic and oftentimes would end up on the ground.


If you would like to be prepared for defending yourself during a fight, it would make more sense to learn grappling and ground fighting rather than striking or punching. This is where Jiu-jitsu would prove to be more useful.


One of the advantages of BJJ training is that you can fight without taking damage. During sparring, you can perform with a realism that other martial arts cannot achieve without inflicting damage to your partner. With enough training, you will develop skills that are very close to what you can face in real life situations.


Is BJJ effective in a street fight? The answer is yes, and it among the most effective martial arts for sel-defense. Not every fight will go the way you imagine it to be, often you find yourself on your back. A small difference can mean domination. If you get in the dominant position, even an opponent with BJJ training will find it challenging. Thus, getting into a fight with an untrained person will surely leave him defenseless and you can easily control him without taking much damage. Ground fighting is about control and not about throwing punches.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu does not focus on size and strength but rather on techniques. These allow you to defend yourself against larger opponents and be able to neutralize them with lesser chance of anyone getting seriously hurt. Thus, it can be said that BJJ is one of the best forms of self-defense against one opponent.


When you do BJJ training, you are continuously being placed in uncomfortable spots and have to work out of them. Gradually, you learn to work through different situations and learn to stay calm and focused even under pressure. From the time you step on the mats as a white belt, you will constantly drill and learn these at heart. If you come across an aggressor in the future, you are very well equipped to defend yourself and fight to quickly end the altercation.


Having self-defense skills is ne of the most important things to learn, whether you may or may not have a need for it in the future. Learning Brazilian Jiu jitsu will provide you with excellent skills to resolve various violent situations. Even for martial arts beginners, BJJ is perfect for self-defense and is recommended for those who want to learn how to handle real-life violent situations.


If you want to learn effective self-defense techniques that you can use to practice, grow, and improve your skills, Global Brazilian Jiu jitsu is the headquarters of the best BJJ in SWFL.





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