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Jiu-jitsu As an Anti-Bullying Mechanism

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Jiu-jitsu As an Anti-Bullying Mechanism

Self-defense Technique for Teenagers as Well As Middle and Grade School Students – Why is it so Effective?

The basis of Jiu jitsu is having a lighter person able to overtake a much larger, stronger opponent. Jiu-jitsu uses physics, leverage and kinesiology in order to defeat a larger opponent, not to mention the ground reactive forces in order to help defend/immobilize a stronger opponent.

We often get inquiries about self-defense courses. As a karate and taekwondo blackbelt with my whole life dedicated to the martial arts, I can say that most self-defense courses do not work because you have not trained the muscle memory in order to react to stress.

Your body has to react – not think – when it comes to self-defense situations. Constant training will enable you to react properly. Proper conditioning of your body will allow you to execute a technique perfectly in order to escape or defend yourself. 

Now, why is Jiu jitsu very effective in self-defense situations for school-aged children? As we know in school nowadays, if a child is bullied and fights back and strikes, both children are suspended. Therefore, a child may hesitate to defend themselves. As a parent, I know that is very disheartening. In Jiu-jitsu, you don’t strike back. You would go ahead and control your opponent or control the bully or the aggressor with controlling moves. This prevents unnecessary injury to the assailant as well as prevent unnecessary punishment to the victim. 

When in a self-defense situation, you hold down an opponent or an aggressor. You are less likely to be treated as the aggressor when law enforcement, teachers, or administrators arrive at the scene. Jiu jitsu teaches you how to control your assailant and opponent through rigorous training as well as live rolls, live sparring, as well as real-life scenarios. You get trained in these every day. 

The recommended frequency of training to take is about two to three times a week, about one hour a day in order to train your mind and body to be prepared for these self-defense situations. 

At Global Jiu jitsu, we go over real-life scenarios as well as ways to safeguard yourself and your family. 

Stay safe.


Dr. Kevin Lam
Karate Blackbelt, Taekwondo Blackbelt, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blackbelt 
Assisting Coach at Global BJJ

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