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Why Your Child Needs Jiu-jitsu

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Why Your Child Needs Jiu-jitsu

Why Your Child Needs Jiu-jitsu 

You may recently be noticing a lot of interest on kids BJJ. You may be asking, is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu safe for kids? The short answer is YES. 

BJJ involves a lot of grappling on the ground. The ground is a natural environment for children, where their first skills like rolling over and crawling are developed. Techniques in BJJ are built on these ground skills, making it very enjoyable for your child. This is all done in a safe environment and taught by qualified professors who control the class atmosphere. Kids and teens learn various physical skills, how to break their fall, and how to use leverage in certain situations. 

In these times, giving your kids the knowledge and training on self-defense is very important. The earlier you enroll your kids to a martial arts class, the better protection they can have against bullying, or even stronger or bigger adversaries. More often, kids don’t have to fight because BJJ in particular is very effective in de-escalating tense situations. 

Kids and teens who regularly practice BJJ were found to be more fit and healthy. It also helps them to positively use their pent-up energy. 

One of the main benefits of BJJ is the development of confidence. Children learn to believe in their capabilities and with every class, their confidence grows. The belt promotions further motivate kids and teens to work hard and be consistent, learning the fundamentals with every phase in their training. 

Joining BJJ classes for kids and teens is a lot of fun. Children genuinely enjoy themselves on the mats, make friends, and learn trust and respect. 

Jiu-jitsu not only builds your child’s physical strength but also improves their mental health. It creates a balance between the mind and body, helping your kids develop into an overall happy well-rounded person. 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for kids teaches skills that come in very handy in dealing with bullies and even potential abductors. Your child can also benefit from the power of BJJ. If you are unsure if Jiu jitsu is right for your child, you can sign up for free trial at our Global Jiu-jitsu kids classes and speak with our instructors about your concerns. 

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