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Global Jiu-jitsu Student Testimonial

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Global Jiu-jitsu Student Testimonial

Ssssup Bichotas!! ❤️😃 I need to say many things! Or share.

Yesterday was an amazing day! I saw Coach Pryscilla do magic representing  her Jiu Jitsu family of Fight Sports! She coached 1 adult woman , 1 teen and 2 children beautifully with such precision and care! Her team responded beautifully bringing home several medals! Including her own medal!

Here I want to share for the Bichotas  some words.

Jiu Jitsu is different for all whom practice it. I’m going to share what Jiu Jitsu is for ME.

I am here at Fight Sports because of Coach Pryscilla. I met her one good day 3 years or so ago at our BJJ women’s class at Evolution. I saw her doing Jiu Jitsu her first day. I saw her first competition as a white belt. Her loss upset her to the utmost. I instantly knew she had been bitten by the Jiu Jitsu bug big time! Her reaction was total shut down. Not a word was uttered out of her mouth, no complains, no blaming NO body, no excuses. Her face was “poker face”. I kept pushing  saying things to assure her she did awesome! Her only words: “ I don’t want to talk, I need to be alone.” She went to sit far away and waited for the rest to finish. We went home. We continue to train. Her reaction touched me deeply and felt utmost respect. Respect because her own evaluation of her competition was what mattered and not anyone else. She came back to trying hard! I had to go home. You see,  I live in Illinois, I’m married to a wonderful understanding man. I own a rental home here, and 4 years ago I came to Naples to remodel it and to continue renting it and return home, where  I practice Capoeira Angola, Muay Thai, African Dance, Russian Style kettlebells, Danza  Folklorica, Danza Azteca, running some BJJ where I injured my right knee and had to stop for fear I was not going to be able to do Capoeira nor dance! I didn’t understand Jiu Jitsu territory, it’s dangerous when rolling with persons that  don’t know how to identify when they have a submission and they can let the person go safely without injuring them. I don’t know how my injury happened but when I  went home and tried to squat I could not bend my right knee.  I never blamed anyone, I don’t not berated anyone, I didn’t tell the coach,  I just left. I didn’t say to the coach why I left. I analyzed my mind. Why I went to Jiu Jitsu for the first time  in the first place???

Easy answer: for ME personally,  sports are for one purpose: to move! I saw in Jiu Jitsu different movements I didn’t see in Capoeira Angola (there are 2 styles, Angola lower to the ground and slower movements style and Regional m/modern lots of acrobatics, I do mostly Angola,) or didn’t see in all other activities. In other words, every sports has its specific moments and I wanted to add moments done in the floor.  After analyzing myself, should I continue with BJJ or not? I realized in order to get good at any of the many sports I do, I had to pick only one. Or I would never be great at any of these! .. I decided because if my age, I had no time to be a specialist in any one of these sports, In then picked  to be a generalist and not a specialists in any method of martial arts.  I just decided to pick my other sports … why????  Because I love each of them.  I am 64 years old and when I asked myself: why do you train?  Answer: my goal is to learn to move me body well so I can move more! To age gracefully. To do sustainable sports into my old age that allow me to train safely and long term.

I’m a resident of Illinois. The work at the house has been extensive and complicated because collier county is extremely strict with building codes. I did everything to code.

Because of this house I came to naples, and my knee was recuperated and returned to BJJ But.. had to leave Jiu Jitsu 2 years ago, when I met Pryscilla to do oversee the house work.

I’m finishing up the house and soon it will be ready to rent. But.. no matter how much I say this, “something breaks down” and I have to stay to fix it!

During these two years I have been away from BJJ I had  witness from far away Coach Pryscilla ascension to her blue belt!!  I would ache literally because I could not be training as she does!

We as women are warriors at heart! we love each other but….. we compete with each other! I felt inspired by Pryscilla’s success and I wanted my Jiu Jitsu to BE LIKE HERS! … yet … my life, my age, my house here, my house in Illinois are barriers to all my sports and Jiu Jitsu! The more I train BJJ the more the rest of the sports are fading 😃

Jiu Jitsu is a sport like no other. It, the practice digs in so deep into our psyche, into our inner selves, it digs so deep that it has the power  to exposes the deepest fears, first! Then the deepest traumas of past abuse, psychological or physical. Practicing this sport especially when rolling, has the power to exposed buried sensations of feeling like victims . As someone is trying to kill, damage, injure or actually destroy us.  This thing called Jiu Jitsu is POWERFUL therapy to fix all these victim like sensations. Slowly BJJ practiced for me, (and capoeira as well) have helped me found out that it’s not that other team mates are trying to destroy  me, it’s simply my OWN perception of who I am.

Jiu Jitsu is ME against ME.

I love it! I love Coach Pryscilla and I look up to moving like her.

I love training  with all of you Bichotas! You are great warriors as our coach!!

I hope we stay together! Help each other together! May we communicate clearly why we don’t do certain movements! Why we can’t roll. May we above all respect each other. May we talk to building up each other. Never to put down!

Remember my goal: is very humble! I’m here to learn to move well that is all. I’m competing with myself! I want to improve myself. I’m an older woman and it’s not cool to tap an older woman out. Tap always an equal, or above you! That is respectful and noble.  Someday you will be 64! And in want you to remember me… I hope you can finish the warm ups and the drills!! 😀 only at 64  you will understand my words now. I’ll be gone, hopefully 34 years from now at 98 I’ll be gardening collecting flowers. But if I’m dead when you reach 64!! I want to ask you for 1 minute… Pero NO por un minute de silencio… Pero por 40 minutos of Jiu Jitsu warm up DESMADRE! 😃👏🏽💪🏽❤️


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