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The Journey Into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

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The Journey Into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

The journey into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is very complex. As a white belt you will learn various techniques and you will repeat various techniques many times often not knowing the meaning behind such. That is perfectly normal.  As a white belt, the goal is to learn as much as you can, repeat. The understanding really doesn’t come about until you’re a higher belt such as purple, brown, and even black belt. But in the early stages you are learning techniques, you are learning how to survive on the mats, you’re learning how to control, you’re learning how to escape. These are essential skills for a beginner in Jiu-jitsu as well as essential skills for self-defense. That’s why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is highly effective for self-defense because as a martial art, these skills are essential to the martial art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu itself but also lends itself very well to real self-defense situations when you’re being held down, tackled, or attacked by surprise.

You will see many YouTube videos of high-level Jiu-jitsu brown belts and black belts controlling opponents, controlling wrestlers not as a bragging right but rather as an altercation that should not have happened but unfortunately in our daily life, it does. Better to be prepared than not.

As a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, karate, and taekwondo, I can say that even with a black belt, we’re forever still learning the skill of BJJ as well as the techniques of Brazilian Jiu jitsu always being developed. You’ll see new techniques evolve at every year’s World Competition, that’s why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is such a dynamic art to study, watch, and practice. It is an intellectual, physical, chess game as well as a great self-defense tool and mental development for both kids, adults, and families.

It’s a great family activity to be able to work out together, practice self-defense together as well as know that your loved ones can take care of themselves. Whether they’re high-schoolers preparing to go to college or young 5-year-olds preparing for elementary and middle school.


The goal is to just get a little bit better every time your train. Keep putting in consistent effort, keep learning, and enjoy your BJJ journey.  

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Dr. Kevin Lam
Karate Blackbelt, Taekwondo Blackbelt, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blackbelt 
Assisting Coach at Global BJJ




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