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Top Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu jitsu Surpasses Other Martial Arts

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Top Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu jitsu Surpasses Other Martial Arts

Here are the top reasons why BJJ surpasses other forms of martial arts. 

1. Attention to Technique.
In BJJ, most of the time is spent on how to defend strikes or using throwing and grappling techniques. The focus is on developing skills on how to control one’s opponent and using various techniques to gain a dominant position and force the opponent into submission.
The Gracie founders of BJJ developed a method of using jiu-jitsu in a way that used leverage to overcome strength and aggression. 

2. Application of Techniques 
Most martial arts practice punching, striking, and kicking as the main mode of defense. Practicing strikes aims to knock out the opponent with few quick attacks. However, the one strike knockouts are extremely rare and often countered. BJJ grappling, on the other hand, allows you to avoid getting hit hard. Grappling is very effective in a defensive encounter and by understanding it, you can defeat even the most aggressive opponents. 

3. Training Methods
Endlessly rolling on the mats in BJJ boosts your endurance and at the same time burns many calories as well. With other martial arts, you spend a lot of time drilling alone, doing a pre-set pattern. However, you do not actually have the actual use of the techniques. On the other hand, BJJ training mostly involves practicing with a partner. This will make sure that your training is optimized and as you are playing against an opponent, this helps you perfect your techniques and you know that it will work when the time comes. 

4. It is suitable for almost everyone.
BJJ has very high equality among genders and can be done at any age. It does not recognize gender, age, size, or racial differences. Other martial arts can give one person an edge over another but with jiu jitsu, you can deal with even a more powerful person. 

5. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is very useful on the streets. 
In case someone attacks you on the streets, BJJ is a good defense. Once you grapple and move the fight to the ground, you can get the dominant position  and use techniques to neutralize the aggressor. 

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