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Why is Brazilian Jiu jitsu the Most Popular Growing Martial Arts in the Whole World?

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Why is Brazilian Jiu jitsu the Most Popular Growing Martial Arts in the Whole World?

Why is Brazilian Jiu jitsu the Most Popular Growing Martial Arts in the Whole World?

It started way back in the 1990s when Royce Gracie started fighting in a no holds barred match in a cage with various martial arts disciplines. This was a rude awakening – an eye-opening experience for the martial arts world. In Brazil, they’ve done this challenge fighting for many decades prior to arriving in the United States. In fact, the brutality and reality of these fights were so bad that Senator John McCain called it a human cockfight. In actuality, this proved the effectiveness of Gracie/Brazilian Jiu jitsu to the world. Many traditional martial arts practitioners have fallen prey to the techniques and art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Since then, the sport has grown to tremendous heights including the most recent 2022 ADCC World Competition or Abu Dhabi Combat Club Championship in Las Vegas this year which was attended by 14,000 raving live fans as well as many more millions viewing online. It has become a great spectator sport as well as given rise to some professional Jiu jitsu practitioners who all they do is practice and compete in Jiu jitsu leading to exciting matches and explosion of new techniques being available to the world of Jiu jitsu.

The Jiu jitsu of today varies from the founders of Carlos and Helio Gracie back in the day. Techniques have evolved, which is why Jiu jitsu is a very dynamic and interesting sport. It usually takes about 10 years to go from white belt to black belt, and within that time, I’ve seen tremendous evolution of Jiu jitsu itself. There are many various styles of Jiu jitsu. Even though it’s Brazilian Jiu jitsu, different body types have developed different games and different techniques to adapt to their own body. This is why Brazilian Jiu jitsu is so interesting and effective.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu right now is the fastest-growing martial arts in the world due to the exposure of BJJ in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. Most fighters in the UFC would have some Jiu jitsu experience. They were not there to compete without such. Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a very integral part of mixed martial arts nowadays and the popularity of mixed martial arts and the UFC has only exploded – an exponential growth over the years. 

Brazilian Jiu jitsu has proven itself to be an effective art used for law enforcement as well as the military, hence, multiple departments have their own Jiu jitsu program. We have the Adopt-A-Cop BJJ Program for selected officers in our area to train. We are proud to be sponsors as well as trainers of local law enforcement officers within this area. 

Do you want an effective self-defense technique, an effective self-defense system that you can practice, grow, and improve your skills, Global Brazilian Jiu jitsu is the headquarters of the best Brazilian Jiu jitsu in SWFL.  


Dr. Kevin Lam
Karate Blackbelt, Taekwondo Blackbelt, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blackbelt 
Assisting Coach at Global BJJ

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