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Keeping the Gym and Mats Clean

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Keeping the Gym and Mats Clean

When you’re looking for a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or wrestling or any kind of martial arts studio for your child or for yourself, you want to make sure that the gym is clean – the mats are cleaned with proper sanitizing solution. 

Professor Kevin is not only a black belt in 3 different styles of martial arts but is also a physician who runs multiple medical clinics around Southwest Florida as well as responsible for infection control of the offices and treat multiple patients with diabetic infections, etc. He is well-versed in treating and preventing infections.

Unfortunately, gym owners are not familiar with protocol for sanitizing the environment. Here at Global Jiu-jitsu, we do clean our mats at least once a day with disinfectant solution. Cleanliness is a top priority in order to avoid ringworms which are fungal infections, staph infections which are bacterial, as well as other communicable diseases. The mats, as well as the environment must be in clean, sanitary condition. And Doctor/Professor Kevin Lam has set up the protocol for cleaning as well as the solutions for such, with meticulous care being given to make sure that the mats are clean for our students.

So when you are searching for a martial arts studio or a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu studio near you, ask what is their cleaning protocol. Check the cleaning solution. Are they familiar with the microorganisms that plague the martial arts? Did you know that certain athletes have had MRSA infection that took them out of competitions that were actually limb-threatening?

With proper sanitation and proper protocol in place, as well as proper uniform policy, this can be kept to a minimum. Fungus, bacteria, and virus are all around us. At Naples Florida Global BJJ, we take great care and pride in mitigating and limiting the amount of risk our students are under by following medical-grade protocol to keep our gym and mats in sanitary condition.



1 Wash hands frequently, specially after using the lavatory. Antibacterial gels are provided for use.

2 As a courtesy to other gym members, if you are sick, please stay away from the gym.

3 Cover all wounds or abrasions with band or wrap, this keeps infections away from you and your training partners.

4 Check your hair and skin for lice or other tiny insects that may make home on your body. 

5 GI, rash guards, underwear, and other training attire must be washed after every use. Clean uniform keeps harmful bacteria and viruses from cultivating in garments.

6 Shower and groom yourself daily to prevent any harmful bacteria, fungal infections and viruses from spreading onto your training partners.

Global BJJ holds to strict safety and health guidelines for all students to train in a safe and hygienic environment. The staff members do their best to clean the academy as mats are swept and mopped twice daily.

However, the spread of infections is always a concern as student interactions are contact based. We politely ask that if you have any sort of infection, illness, or disease immediately make us aware of your situation. Students with infections with transferable ailments are not able to train on the mat until treated.


Health & Safety Information for INFECTION & HYGIENE

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection possibly contracted from the mats or through skin contact and starts as a small and itchy pimple. Related forms of ringworm can occur on other body parts, including the scalp, the crotch, and the foot.

Herpes is one of the most severe skin diseases because there is no cure for it. It can be a lifelong cycle and a painful disease. It's classified by fluid-filled blisters, which frequently can be painful, itchy, and undoubtedly contagious. Preventing Herpes during our training is very important!

Impetigo is a bacterial infection that can enter the body through an open wound or sore, can be easily spread from skin to skin contact, and happens to be one of the most highly contagious skin diseases. Sometimes will be on the mat from previous users and picked up instantly from the following people to go on the mat.

Aureus (Staph for short) is a type of bacteria that causes skin infection on the soft tissue. It is a common problem as it's transferable through skin-on-skin contact. It can also enter the body from hair follicles and any open wound. Since we practice such a physical sport, the likelihood of having small gashes, cut, or nicks on your body is very likely.

At Global Jiu jitsu, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness in our Southwest Florida BJJ academy and make sure we provide you with a safe and clean training environment. Whether you are a seasoned student or new student eager to learn, come try a class with the best! Sign up for a free trial! 



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