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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Teens

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Teens

BJJ for Teens

Parents want their teens to have all the tools they need to succeed in life. Enrolling teens in martial arts can help them learn important lessons that they could use for the rest of their lives.

Among the martial arts, BJJ is focused more on subduing rather than attacking an opponent. It is based on the concept of using techniques to be able to deal with someone that might be bigger or stronger without striking force.  Leverage and technique is used rather than strength and athleticism. Teens BJJ classes is not just a workout but teens learn how to protect themselves against attackers who might be bigger or stronger.

But BJJ is more than just self-defense. It helps teens become more empowered physically and mentally.

It has also been shown that teens who practice martial arts have a better performance in school because they learn how to be more focused, goal-oriented, and results driven. 

Teens can be problematic at times, have mood swings, rebellious tendencies, and may seem like they disrespect even authority figures. With BJJ, students learn to respect their teachers, fellow classmates, and themselves. As adults, they will ultimately learn that when they respect themselves, others will respect them too.
Teenagers often make impulsive decisions based on their emotions, often disregarding the possible consequences of those choices. With kids BJJ, they learn that their first instincts may not always be the best. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu trains them how to evaluate certain situations and make the best decisions instead of fast ones. Later on, this training in wise decision-making becomes second nature and helps them in other areas in life. 

As kids mature to become teenagers, good judgement becomes more important. Whether in school, martial arts class, or everyday life, it often comes down to judgment. Brazilian Jiu jitsu is often compared to the game of chess, where it’s your mind against someone else’s. It is about determining your best move as well as your opponent’s. This helps teens when they transition into adulthood by developing critical thinking. 

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