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The Benefits of Jiujitsu for Kids with ADHD

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 The Benefits of Jiujitsu for Kids with ADHD


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common occurrence among children. Kids with ADHD usually have high energy, short attention span and restlessness. Thus, they often cannot participate in seated activities long enough to complete the required tasks.

Sports like Brazilian Jiujitsu tend to be best for kids with ADHD.

In BJJ, the child has a team where they practice together and yet has an individual aspect to it where each one can win on his own.

Grappling in Brazilian Jiujitsu and deep touch pressure may act as a calming or focusing agent which can be helpful for these kids.

The competitive aspect of BJJ allows kids to test their newly acquired skills and techniques.

Children with ADHD can benefit from jiujitsu by learning to cope with stressful situations and taking control either by escaping from a control position or trying to figure out the next move while under pressure.

BJJ helps develop self-discipline. They learn to follow rules both inside the dojo as well as outside of class.

Jiujitsu helps with socialization skills and appreciation for others.

Brazilian Jiujitsu helps in the development of self-worth. As the child build their martial arts skills, they develop self-confidence.

Jiujitsu helps kids both physically and mentally.

BJJ is both physical and mental. Learning the techniques and learning how to focus keeps the mind occupied. The body and mind are working at the same time.

The technical movements in martial arts activate different parts of the brain that control balance, sequencing, fine motor adjustments, evaluation, inhibition, and concentration.

Joining competitions help kids become aware of their weaknesses and find ways to improve their techniques.

Children with ADHD benefit from the ordered environment of a dojo, benefiting from the behavioral intervention that the sport provides.

BJJ training enhances the development of positive mental attitude, self-control, confidence, and perseverance.

Find the right people.

A jiujitsu class with a supportive group of teammates as well as an encouraging coach will help children with ADHD. A community that is neither too harsh nor too lax would help kids with discipline.

The Jiujitsu school should be a place where kids can develop skills in an environment that is safe both physically and emotionally.

Kids pay more attention when the coaching is directed specifically to them.

By keeping kids stick to their routines, they learn to enjoy the sport while reaping the benefits, both on mental concentration and physical fitness.

Children with ADHD could have challenges dealing with focus and control. Brazilian Jiujitsu provides a positive outlet where kids can improve while encouraging healthy lifestyles, developing social skills, enhancing confidence, focus, and learning to cope with bullying.

Global BJJ kids Brazilian Jiujitsu classes in Naples focus on developing children both physically and mentally. Through our kids BJJ lessons, children and teens develop discipline, respect, self-confidence, and focus.

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